English Language Schools in New Zealand
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Most schools in New Zealand offer General English, full-time or part-time. A course in General English may include;


Most schools offer exam courses. You should check with the school to see when the course starts. The most common exam courses are;

PITMAN - A certificate of general English ability.
TOEFL - The English language qualification required by US Universities.
TOEIC - A similar qualification to TOEFL, also recognised as an English qualification for University entrance.
IELTS - The English language qualification required by NZ, Australian and UK Universities.
CAMBRIDGE - PET, FCE, CAE, CPE certificates in General English ability.

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When you are studying at a school you should stay with a host family, if you travel around New Zealand you should stay in backpackers, motels or hotels, depending on how much money you have.

The best way to learn English is to use it. This is why every school in New Zealand recommends that students stay with a native English speaking family.

Cheap - Homestays usually cost about NZ$200 - NZ$300 for one week. This includes a room, breakfast and dinner during the week and all meals at the weekend

Cultural experience - Living with a Kiwi family will give you a valuable experience of another culture
New Zealand has great weather , although lots of people say it is very changeable. In the morning it can be windy and rainy, then in the afternoon hot and sunny!

NZ has four seasons;

Spring (September - November) - Usually warm. The North Island is warmer than the South Island.

Summer (December - February)- Sunny and hot. It's great for the beach and watersports like windsfurfing, swimming, surfing or sailing.

Autumn (March - May) - Similar to Spring, but can be windy.

Winter (June - August) -Brings snow in the south, but beautiful warm days in the far North.
You can do a short course on a visitors visa (less than 3 months, NZQA course).

You can study up to 6 months on a Working Holiday visa (certain countries only).

If you are going to be studying full time, you can apply for a Student visa for up to 4 years. With this you can work 20 hours a week.

This information is very general, for individual circumstances you must check with the NZ Immigration Department.